Well, I’ve got one of two copies back from the editors, and will be hitting the editing big time this week.  I have had some amazing responses to the draft version, and a lot of interest.  Here’s hoping all that positive feedback and interest translates into sales!

I’ve worked really hard on this, and am very proud of it, and can’t wait for people to see it.  I’ve mapped out 2″ tiles and lines for notes throughout the book so that every single person who buys the book will have space to put their own versions of the tangles in their own book.  There is a page for that after each tangle is presented.

I will also be having a promotion, that the first 80 people to buy the book will get a signed original of one of the tiles that I drew for the book sent to them, free of charge.  There were 80 in total, so that means 80 lucky buyers will receive a gift from me in the mail.  All you have to do is forward me a copy of your receipt with your name and mailing address and I’ll take care of the rest.  I’ll announce when they are gone.

Thank you all for your help, positive feedback, and responses to my book.  As you can tell I’m very excited!

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