Update on Wedding Gift


When they opened it, and read what I wrote on the back, their eyes misted up, and they came over and gave me a great big hug.  They both said they were secretly hoping that I would do something Zentangle related for them as a wedding gift, but never thought it would be as big and detailed as it was.

All in all I feel really good that they are happy with their gift.  It took over 60 hours of work, so I got a print made up so that I’d have a copy for my portfolio.


Over the last couple of weeks I have been toying with the idea of creating a book about Zentangle.  I’ve already got the colouring book angle covered, with my venture with my best friend through Tranquility Tangles, and want to do something special for my fellow tanglers.

Then last night I came up with the perfect idea.  I will create a book that lists all of the tangles created by Zentangle, Inc., alphabetically, and create tangleations (variation of an existing tangle) based on those tangles.  It will be a comprehensive reference book, with room for readers to add their own tangleations.

I can’t wait to get started.

Wedding Gift

I finally finished our good friend’s wedding gift!  An 18″x24″ Zentangle Inspired Art, done by yours truly.

I used nearly 300 different tangles and took over 60 hours to complete.  I learned many new tangles along the way.  It gave me a chance to try out some tangles I’d never used before, as well as find some I’d never heard of.

They get married September 12, so it’s a little ways away, but I like to be prepared.  I’m going to get a print done of it for my portfolio, so I’ll always have a copy of it.  I’ve made that sort of a rule for myself.  I want to have at least a photo of any tile or piece of work that is for someone else, but prefer a print of it, or to keep the original and sell or give away the print, depending on the circumstances.


Tranquility Tangles

I’ve kept quiet about this up until now, but can’t wait any longer, I have to share.

My best friend Allison and I have been working on creating a colouring book for adults, and have created a partnership in order to do so, called Tranquility Tangles.

Our colouring book was Allison’s idea, and I’ve done the artwork.  It’s called Vancouver Tangled, and is a colouring book of 20 pages, highlighting various well known Vancouver spots and attractions.  I’ve completed the artwork, and Allison is going to create a write up about each area I’ve drawn, so that if you aren’t familiar with the area, you know what you are colouring.

We will be self publishing, and hope to have it out by summer’s end.

If you are interested find us on Facebook under Tranquility Tangles for more information.

Engagement Gift

Good friends of ours just got engaged, so I thought I’d tangle them each a tile, with their initial on it, to mark the occasion.  I used similar and matching tangles, with different strings, so that they were different but had elements of togetherness as well.

We met them for dinner the other night, to celebrate his and my husband’s birthdays, and celebrate the engagement, and they both loved the tiles.  They thought they were fantastic and were so touched that I did a tile for each of them, to note the engagement.



Business Card Image

I’m in the middle of designing my business cards, so I thought I’d look at the tiles I’ve done, and pick one from there, to put on there.

I chose this one, which was done using the prompts from the book One Zentangle a Day.  I thought it was fun, not too crowded looking, and it just felt like the right one.

You’ll have to apologize for the image size, I’m still learning how to use my scanner.