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Wedding Gift

I finally finished our good friend’s wedding gift!  An 18″x24″ Zentangle Inspired Art, done by yours truly.

I used nearly 300 different tangles and took over 60 hours to complete.  I learned many new tangles along the way.  It gave me a chance to try out some tangles I’d never used before, as well as find some I’d never heard of.

They get married September 12, so it’s a little ways away, but I like to be prepared.  I’m going to get a print done of it for my portfolio, so I’ll always have a copy of it.  I’ve made that sort of a rule for myself.  I want to have at least a photo of any tile or piece of work that is for someone else, but prefer a print of it, or to keep the original and sell or give away the print, depending on the circumstances.


Business Card Image

I’m in the middle of designing my business cards, so I thought I’d look at the tiles I’ve done, and pick one from there, to put on there.

I chose this one, which was done using the prompts from the book One Zentangle a Day.  I thought it was fun, not too crowded looking, and it just felt like the right one.

You’ll have to apologize for the image size, I’m still learning how to use my scanner.



I recently started working through the strings at http://www.tanglepatterns.com, as a way to get started quickly instead of dwelling on the string, which is what I found I was doing.  I was so caught up trying to think of a string, that it kind of started taking the joy and zen away from my Zentangle process.  So a quick fix for me was to take the thought process away completely from the string, and have it done for me.  I started at the beginning, with string number one, and have been plugging away at them.

It’s made a big difference in not only the quality of my work, but the quality of the process.  There are well over 100 strings posted to http://www.tanglepatterns.com, so I’ve got a ways to go before I need to think about strings again.

Here are the first five:






dubby by design

I’m so excited, and just had to share.  Next week myself and my husband are going to be registering dubby by design as a partnership, and I’m going to continue moving forward with my plans to sell my hand drawn works of art and other arts and crafts I make.  I’ve made a few sales, and am hoping that word will spread and I’ll make some more.  I’m still busy working on bringing my stock levels up to prep for the craft fairs I will be signing up for.  Will write more when dubby by design is officially registered!