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Sold Two Prints!

I was contacted by an old high school friend of mine who I hadn’t seen since high school, wondering if I sell prints of my Zentangles.  She wanted to buy two of them to hang up in her office.  The originals are 3.5″ x 3.5″ and she wanted them blown up to 5″ x 5″, so she could frame them in a 6″ x 6″ frame.  So I got to work getting the prints made up, and we decided on a date to meet, when she’d be in the city I live in next.

She chose these two:

zentangleprintoneoftwosoldmay182015 zentangleprinttwooftwosoldmay182015Word is slowly getting around and my name is getting out there, thanks to some wonderful friends of mine, and the power of Facebook, where I’ve been posting my various Zentangles over the last few months.

If there is anything you see either on here or on Facebook, that you’d like made up into a print, contact me by email dubbybydesign@gmail.com, or find me on dubby by design’s Facebook page.


One Zentangle a Day Days 6-10

Seems like I’m sprinting through the days here, I enjoy doing them that much!  Some days I do more than one in that day, and other days I might skip a day if I get busy doing something else.  I do however do some tangling every day.  It’s one of the parts of the day I look forward to most.  It distracts me from the pain I’m in, is something I can do with the kids (they are getting really good at it! and enjoy sharing their patterns with me), and helps me relax and do something I feel is productive for my mental health.

Here are days 6-10:

zentangleonezentangleadayday6 zentangleonezentangleadayday7 zentangleonezentangleadayday8 zentangleonezentangleadayday9 zentangleonezentangleadayday10

One Zentangle a Day Days 1-5

I know you’ve read about my start and journey into the world of Zentangle, and have recently started working though a book called One Zentangle a Day.  It’s been inspiring, educational, and has taught me more about the meditative process of Zentangle.  I’m hoping to become a Certified Zentangle Teacher at one of the seminars they hold in Providence, RI, and am eager to get qualified.  I want to teach the art and method of Zentangle and share it with the world, as it’s been so beneficial to me.  Here are my first five days.

zentangleonezentangleadayday1 zentangleonezentangleadayday2 zentangleonezentangleadayday3 zentangleonezentangleadayday4 zentangleonezentangleadayday5