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Welcome to dubby by design!

Dubby by Design is the name I came up with, if I were ever to create a company to sell my art.  It’s named after my daughter’s favourite stuffy since birth, a Ty Beanie dinosaur we named Dubby.  The stuffy’s actual name was Stuffy, but when Kiersten was learning how to speak, she had a hard time pronouncing Stuffy, and it instead came out sounding like Dubby.  My husband and I started calling Stuffy, Dubby, and it just stuck.

Today I found the most amazing artistic thing I’ve ever come across.  It’s called Zentangle.  I came across it while looking up something artistic to do to distract me from the severe chronic pain I’m in on a daily basis.  I’ve always been artistic, and do many arts and crafts, including crochet, cross stitch, card making, painting and jewelry making, but was looking to get back into drawing.  I was looking up ink drawing, as I thought I might get back into stippling, or drawing with tiny dots, when an abstract work of art found it’s way onto my screen.  When I clicked on it, it took me to Zentangle.com, and from there I got lost, and forgot all about the stippling.  In short, Zentangle is a meditative form of art, where you create abstract works of art through the drawing of repetitive patterns.  There is also Zentagle Inspired Art, also known as ZIA, whereby you use the principles of Zentangle, but use any sized paper you want, and are not limited like you are with a true Zentangle.  To be a true Zentangle, you can’t use any pencils, other than to shade your work, rulers or anything other than a pen, to assist you in your drawing, so many people choose to do ZIA.  I have OCD, so I’m not sure how I’m going to do with respect to not using a pencil, but am willing to give it a go.

The best part, I pretty much had what you needed to get started:  a pencil, a black fine liner pen, a tortillion for shading, and a sketchbook and paper I could either cut to size or leave as is.

I am feeling so excited at the moment to have found this art form, and can’t wait to read more about it, look at others’ art, and start making my own!

Below are the first two ZIAs I have created.


zentangeinspiredart1 zentangleinspiredart2