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Business Card Image

I’m in the middle of designing my business cards, so I thought I’d look at the tiles I’ve done, and pick one from there, to put on there.

I chose this one, which was done using the prompts from the book One Zentangle a Day.  I thought it was fun, not too crowded looking, and it just felt like the right one.

You’ll have to apologize for the image size, I’m still learning how to use my scanner.



I recently started working through the strings at http://www.tanglepatterns.com, as a way to get started quickly instead of dwelling on the string, which is what I found I was doing.  I was so caught up trying to think of a string, that it kind of started taking the joy and zen away from my Zentangle process.  So a quick fix for me was to take the thought process away completely from the string, and have it done for me.  I started at the beginning, with string number one, and have been plugging away at them.

It’s made a big difference in not only the quality of my work, but the quality of the process.  There are well over 100 strings posted to http://www.tanglepatterns.com, so I’ve got a ways to go before I need to think about strings again.

Here are the first five:






New Commission!

Good afternoon all, I hope you are having as good of a day as I am!  I got a pretty large commission today, from an old hockey pal, from back when I played.  She noticed that I’ve been doing the alphabet on Facebook, and wondered if I’d be interested in doing something larger as a gift for her 16 year old daughter.  I of course said yes, and once we got the details hammered out, I went out to buy the paper to make it happen.

I chose to use mix media paper, Sakura Micron 01 pens, a 6B pencil for shading, and a fixative spray to keep the shading from smudging.

I used over 300 tangles and put in over 60 hours into this piece, and enjoyed every minute of it.  I chose to shad each tangle as I went along, so as not to have a huge task of shading at the end.  I much prefer to shade as I go along, as to be honest, on some of the bigger jobs, i get overwhelmed with how much shading there is to do at the end, and this helps me tremendously.  It’s a nice break and shift of focus in between tangles, and it works for me.

Her commission was to do her daughter’s first and last initials on a piece of card stock 18″x24″, by far the largest piece to date that I’ve done.

Here is the beginning, middle and end of the project.