Zentangle Class Info

As of April 22, 2015, I am officially a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT)!  I will be available to teach in the Metro Vancouver area.  If you are outside the Metro Vancouver Area, and want me to teach at your location, arrangements can be made on a case by case basis, to include a small fee to cover my travel costs.

Please contact me at dubbybydesign@gmail.com for more information on course dates, booking an in home “Zentangle Party”, and official Zentangle product purchases.

I’m available to come to you for private, small and large group classes, an elementary or high school class, seniors homes, groups or clubs, or another agreed upon arrangement*. I will also be booking classes at a location near my home in North Vancouver, and hope to have some dates booked soon.

If you book an in home “Zentangle Party”, the host gets their course fee waived and only needs to pay for their supplies ($15), for supplying the area to tangle (I’d have to rent a space otherwise, so consider the waiver as payment for supplying the space).  You must have a minimum of four other people for a party for your course fee to be waived.  If it’s less than four other people, then the host must pay the course fee.

My fees for classes are as follows:


-Private (1-2 students):  $75 per person

-Group (3+ students): $60 per person

-Opus Tile Classes (four 3 hr classes):  $180 ($60 per class with the fourth one being free).

-Attending a school classroom with 18 or more students:  $15 per student

-Attending a seniors home or care facility with 18 or more students: $15 per student

All prices include supplies, unless otherwise noted.  Some classes held you will be told to bring your Zentangle Kit received in the Basics Class, and I will supply the tiles you need.

*A limited number of volunteer classes will be held for groups who qualify.  Groups such as Brownies, Guides, Scouts, etc. will be considered on a case by case basis and will be responsible for the cost of the supplies only.

Classes offered:

Basics Class – learn the basics.  Everyone needs to take this class, before taking any other classes.  You will receive and go home with your Zentangle Kit.

Beyond Basics Classes – these classes are for everyone who has taken the Basics Class, and want to learn more tangles.  Classes offered will focus on different areas of Zentagle, such as more difficult tangles, themes such as seascapes, grids, circles, shading, etc.  You will need to bring your Zentangle Kit from Basics Class and I will provide the tiles.  .

Black Tiles Class –  this class will focus on using black tiles with white jelly roll pens and white charcoal or sandstone for shading and highlights.  You will also learn how to use black over white, so please bring your Zentangle Kit to class.  You will receive and go home with a  Black Zentangle Kit.

Renaissance Tile Class – this class will focus on using brown tiles with brown and black pens and pencil and white charcoal for shading and highlights, that give a distinctive look.  You will receive and go home with a  Renaissance Zentangle Kit.

Holiday Themed Classes – Holidays such as Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and New Year’s will be offered in advance to said holiday.  We will work on holiday themed tiles and learn how to make cards out of them.  You need to bring your Zentangle Kit from Basics Class and I will provide the tiles and card stock to make them into cards.

Opus Tile Class – in this four-part class, you will be provided with an Opus Tile, 10″ x 10″, and work on it week by week.  You would bring with you some of your favourite tangles as well as learn some more complex tangles to add to your tile.  We’d learn three new tangles at the beginning of the class, per week, and you are free to add your own to your tile as well.  You need to bring your Zentangle Kit from the Basics Class, as well as any other kits you’ve received from your other classes, so that you have lots to work with (i.e. white charcoal on black for highlights).  Your Opus tiles will be kept with me at the end of each class and you will get to take it home at the end of the fourth class.

Stay tuned for class dates and additional classes!

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